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How to write the Perfect Event Description

Perfect Event Description Formula 

Are you guilty of waffling through your event description?

You go on and on and on and never really explain why people should come along, what people are going to be doing or define an outcome from this particular event.

To break through the waffle, I’m going to show you a quick formula that you can use for every event description that you write. 

Are you ready to stop boring people with your event descriptions? 

The formula is simple: Event Vision > Event Mission > Event Intention 

Event Vision

The perfect event description starts with the event vision. 

This is the WHY. 

This is really about being able to explain to people what is the overarching purpose of your event, what is going to be covered and an emotional why. 

  • Why should these people come to your event? 

  • What's in it for them? 

Event Mission

The next step is at the event mission.

This is the WHAT.

The mission is all about the what. What are you going to be showing people? What are the benefits?I

Identify the top three benefits. (You can identify five but no more) 

  • What are the top three benefits of coming to the event? 

  • Identified from the point of view of the people attending 

  • Solving their problems

Event Intention

The third part of this is Formula is the event intention. What is the outcome of the event? 

This is the HOW.

This part is easy... What you do here is 

  • Summarise all the benefits 

  • Explain the outcome 

  • Finish with a purpose driven statement

Why this works?

This works because, when it comes to making decisions on whether we want to come to an event or not this is how our brains work.

The first paragraph, your event vision - the WHY. 

Here, people will self qualify. Is this event for me or is this event not to me? 

Once we’ve identified that this event is for me, we’re going to keep reading and want to know what we’re going to be doing. 

The event mission - the WHAT 

Talking about the “what” and explaining what we're going to learn. Using dot points in this section makes it easy for people to scan the description and quickly understand the scope of the event. Make these dt points as concise as possible.

The next thought is: “This sounds really good, but am I really sure I want to go to this?”

The event intention - the HOW

Here we state the outcome of the event. We summarise the benefits into a sentence. This is really about what is going to be covered stated with a purposeful outcome and emotion driven statement. 

PED (Perfect Event Description) Example

Below is an example of the PED for the #Eventologist Meetup

EVENT VISION (WHY) - Overall purpose, What’s covered, Emotional why

Bring together #Eventologists - Business Owners that run events.  

Learn best practices for event planning, event marketing and event delivery. Share collective knowledge and experience, build a network of presenters that collaborate, support and make a difference.”

EVENT MISSION (WHAT) - Top three outcomes, Described from your prospects viewpoint, Providing solutions to their problems

This month we are looking at event logistics.

Learn how to:
- Select the right venue for a SOLD OUT event
- Create a RUNSHEET for a seamless audience experience
- Develop simple CHECKLISTS so you never forget anything

EVENT MISSION (HOW) - Sum up the benefits, State the intended outcome, Finish with an emotion-driven statement
Once you have selected the perfect venue, created a seamless run sheet and developed a comprehensive checklist, you can rest assured that your event will run smoothly with less stress, greater audience engagement and better ROI (yes that means you'll make MORE sales)

PED (Perfect Event Description) Infographic

Get Feedback on your PED

If you would like to put this into practice and get feedback on it, please send your PED (Perfect Event Description) to anna@holisticbusinesshub.space and I will get back to you with some feedback.


If you know people that waffle in their descriptions of their events, make sure that you share this blog post with them so they can have an opportunity to write their PED and get some feedback.

Thanks for tuning in. Now let’s get out there and make a difference one successful event at a time!