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The Journey

of DYNAMITE business owner exploding their business one SOLD OUT event at a time

Let’s go on a journey. A journey of a dynamite business owner exploding their business with events…


If you are in business for yourself, you have been here. After working for someone else, you have made a decision to step into the precarious world of running your own business. You have either decided to transition into a new career or you have decided to take the skills you have developed while working for someone else and start your business.


You have started your business! You are working one on one with clients. You have built some momentum. You have proof that your products and services are of value to your customers. You are solving problems. You are making some money. You have proof that what you're doing works.

Then you hit a roadblock. You want to scale your business, you want to transition from a one to one approach to a value driven one-to-many business model. Stop trading time for money and become the successful business owner you dream of being. With time freedom, financial freedom and minimum stress.

 You know that the best way to do this is to position yourself and your business as the thought leader and expert in your industry. You also know that the best way to do this is to run successful events. Events such as demonstrations, workshops, trade shows or product launches.


If you have ever tried running an event you will simpathise with the following scenario:

You have had this GREAT IDEA to run an event! But, where do you start?

Unless your business is an event management business, chances are high that you have never organised an event (other than someone’s birthday).

This means that you need to learn new skills. Marketing skills, technology skills, communication skills, event management skills. Lacking this skills means thay you don't know how to create content that sells. You don' know how to market or promote your event. You're not selling tickets. You’re cancelling events.

You have hit despair and you know that you need help.


You get help. You find an event marketing expert that knows how to teach you to create successful event. You gain clarity around your content, you learn how to plan, promote, execute and follow up on your workshops.

You gain the skills you need. You run your first successful event!


You have found the right expert and made a commitment to yourself to learn as much as you can to achieve the growth you need. You implement the training you have put yourself through. You have explosive impact. You sell out your event. You learn. You review. You improve. You become a dynamite business owner exploding your business growth one sold out event at a time.

If you are looking for direction on how you too can become a DYNAMITE business owner exploding their business growth one SOLD OUT event at a time join the have a look at the Holistic Business Hub events page to see how you can grow your skills and sell out your events https://holisticbusinesshub.space/event-calendar/