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How you too can go LIVE on Facebook!

Do you struggle to record your Facebook live videos?

 Just contemplating going live makes you questions things like: what do I say, how do I say it, will I be engaging etc... Lucky for you, I have been practicing my Facebook Live videos and have created some tips on how you too can go LIVE on Facebook and look good doing it!

Here is a quick way to be ready for a Facebook Live

STEP 1: Write up the description for your FB Live in notes or similar

How To Write Up A Strategic FB Live Description

1: Think about the problem you’ll talk about

The first thing we do is start with writing up our description. I write my description in the Notes section of my phone. In this description, first thing I do is ask a question about the problem such as "Do you struggle doing your Facebook live videos?"

2: Press the problem harder (poke it like a bruise)

Then I exacerbate that problem a little bit. Push it a bit like a bruise. I great example in this case is “So are you finding that you don't know what to say, you don't know what to do, you don't know how you look”

3: Provide a solution in 3-7 steps

Provide three to seven steps to solve the problem. “This is how I do Blah, Blah, Blah” Or “This is how my clients do, Blah Blah Blah” these three to seven steps directly follow the identified problem

4: Finish sign off with a call to action: like, follow, share

This part is really important! We sign off with something engaging, something that reminds people why they are listening to you or what community they are a part of. I sign off with “It’s a pleasure to share your Eventologist journey” Then we must add a call to action, something like “please like, share, comment”. 

STEP 2: Write your main question and the 3-7 steps on a post-it note

The next thing I do is write the question and my three to seven dot point on a Post-It note. Then, I stick the Post-It note somewhere near my phone so that I can remember and recall what it is I'm going to be saying.

STEP 3: Copy and paste your description into your FB live post description

Just as the above heading says, what I do next, is I copy and paste the description that I have written into the description section on my Facebook Live post and then I go live!

STEP 4: Go live...

How to go live in Facebook

1: Smile

This step is the MOST IMPORTANT step. We need to smile and exaggerate and exacerbate our smile. When I first started doing Facebook Lives, so often, my friends who were watching would comment things like "Anna, where's your smile?" Because I would be talking at the camera with what I thought was a “serious face” but instead, I was looking deadpan into the camera, giving lots of information without actually using the muscles in my face to smile. 

2: Start with the question

Ask the question you have written on your Post-It note and in your description. In this particular instance, my question would be "Do you struggle going live on Facebook?" 

3: Talk about your 3-7 steps

Talk about your dot points. The trick here is to actually chat about the solutions, not simply list them. In this section you are able to show your credibility and expertise. Express yourself and show some personality. Once you have discussed all dot points. Re-iterate the point by listing them.

 4: Sign off

My recommendation is to keep your sign off consistent. “To your success”, “Go Get Em”, “Keep pushing the envelope towards success”. Find a sign off quote that is aligned with your message or business and use it every time. Finally add your call to action (CTA). On a Facebook live it could be please Like, Comment, Share this video.

Thank you so much for joining me today. This is how you go live. I would love to see more people going live on Facebook. It's just such a fantastic, fantastic medium. It's a pleasure to share your Eventologist journey.