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Do you ever get stuck when looking to write your event description?

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Do you ever get stuck when looking to write your event description? Like what do we put on this event description?

Well, I've got some great tips for you today to teach you how to create a really great concise and succinct event description for your upcoming events.


The number one thing is the title and your title needs to reflect the problem that your event will be solving. People come to an event for a reason, whether it is for community engagement or because the event presenter is solving specific problems such as, How To Master Social Media. Understanding how to make sure that your title reflects the problem that your potential attendees are facing is key. So the number one thing is to get your title right.  

A good way to do this is to interview some of your ideal clients, understand what language they use for explaining their problem, and then using that as your title.


 Your perfect event description formula is a really great “hack”!

It starts with the Vision. This is the “why”. Why should someone attend the event, what is the purpose? What are we doing? And ending with an emotional statement such as “for the greater good”.

Event Vision

“We bringing together #Eventologists - people who build their business with events. At the monthly #Evetologist Meetup we learn best practices for event planning, event promotion, and event presentation. We share collective knowledge and experience, build a network of presenters that collaborate, support and make a difference.”

What is your event Mission? The event mission is all about the “what” and needs to articulate the benefits. What are the benefits of somebody attending your event? These must be summarised in three to five dot points because people can't remember much more than that. So make sure these dot points really identifying the benefit of the event from the perspective of your audience.

So what are those benefits? What are you going to do? Are we going to learn something, do something, create something? However, that looks for your event, really understanding what are the benefits of your event for your audience and identifying them, really distilling them into succinct three to five dot points is super important.  

If you’re anything like me and you see an event description with a huge list of dot points, by the time you get through five of them you’re bored and you don't want to know anymore. 

Thus, we really need to identify the core benefits of attending the event.

Event Mission

“Here is what you'll do:

  • Write your perfect event DESCRIPTION following a simple but effective formula

  • Craft a video SCRIPT that reflects your event and your personality

  • Record your event PROMO VIDEO and start filling your events”

The final piece is the event Intention. The event intention is all about the “how” and it identifies the outcomes. So when people walk away from your event, what's going to be the outcome for them from attending your event and then solidifying that the outcome with an emotion-driven statement showing how you solve the problem.

Event Intention

“Nailing your PERFECT EVENT DESCRIPTION is the number one key to successful event promotion. Following this up with a perfectly prepared VIDEO SCRIPT that empowers you to RECORD a kick-ass promo video is guaranteed to get your ideal audience in your room.“

Following this formula means playing to the psychology of the way people make decisions on whether they want to go to an event or not. First, we ask ourselves when making a decision on attending the event is: “Is this event for me?” “What is the purpose of this event and am I the right person to attend this?”. If we engage our audience with the title and the vision, they think, “Yes, this event sounds like it's perfect for me!” The very next question that comes up in people's mind is “What are we going to do with this event?” So this is where we're using the benefits, the mission to really distill what the benefits are going to be. Finally, people want to be reminded that yes, this is the right thing for them. So really understanding the outcome, what are they going to walk away with will encourage the purchase decision.

So that's your short, succinct, even description, which you can use across your event ticket page, your Facebook event page and your email copy.


When we need to write a longer event description, then we share more information about us. Who you are (your bio), what your business is/does, and what others say about your events (testimonials).

The best way to structure the long form event description is Event Title, Perfect Event Description, Testimonials, About Me, About the business.

 Testimonials. Get some great testimonials from people that are just like your audience, people that attended your events in the past. Doing this will help potential attendees think, “people just like me have attended this event and they have achieved some amazing outcomes from this event”. A great tip is to get live testimonials from people at your events, while they are feeling excited and empowered.

 Presenters Bio. Who you are? What you've done? Why you’re the expert? Why are you the person who is the right person to solve their problem?

Business Bio. People want to have more understanding of know who you are in the world. What your business has done? What types of things your business achieves? The type of content you would have on your business “About Us” page


 The most important part of your description is your call to action. We want people to know what they need to do next. So in this particular instance, it's Buy A Ticket, here are the tickets… Make it as easy as possible for people to make that purchase decision because there's nothing worse than when you're ready to buy and the “Buy Now” button isn’t easy to find! All of a sudden people feel lost and question: Where do I go? What do I do? Whom Do I call? How do I actually do this? We must make it as easy as possible.


Let’s put this into action!