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How To Present Events For Your Business Growth


Hello, today is all about your presentation. Become an Eventologist and Master Events For Your Business Growth and roll out an event marketing strategy one successful event at a time. Rolling out one successful event at a time has proven a formula. The proven formula starts with Clarity of your event and your events in your business. The next step is all around Planning, planning your logistics and your marketing. The third step is your Promotion, how to successfully promote the event, sell your tickets and fill the room. Today we're looking at your presentation, which I call shine.

So how do we shine when it comes to the day on stage?

Presentation Content

So first of all, let's think about our content. This is really about the words on your slides the words you speak. Let’s unpack this.  

What's on our slides (if we choose to have slides) and what do we actually verbally say. To get this balance right means we must know our content. This is the key to shining on stage.

We need to know our content so well that at no point do we look like we're, in our heads. This will enable us to be completely with our audience and appear completely seamless. Plus, it will help us always appear like what we’re saying, we’re saying for the first time ever (even though we have repeated it hundreds sometimes thousands of times). The only way we can do that is by knowing our content really, really well.

If we have slides, we'll also need to know the content that's on our slides. This content must to be different to the words that are coming out of our mouth. We can't have the same words coming out of our mouth and our slides because let’s face it people can read. So if you've got the same words on your slides as are coming out of your mouth, you may as well just press play and sit at the back of the room. So make sure that the words that are on your slides are really short and sharp, and the words that are coming out of your mouth are articulate and great valuable content. 

Presentation Visuals

Next, let's think about visually representing ourselves. So what do our slides look like? Here are a few points to think about when designing your presentation sldies: Do our presentation slides look amazing? Are they on brand? Are we using minimal amounts of words and streamline fonts? Are they visually appealing using lots of images?

Once our slides look great, let’s think about how we look! Are we on brand with what it is that we do and what we stand for? We need to make sure that what our message is in alignment with how we look and that we appear authentic both in our messaging and in alignment with our audience. As an example, for a C-Suite, corporate audience is going to need a slightly different look and feel to an audience of business owners at a casual lunch and learn. So really making sure that we visually represent ourselves and our presentation slides in accordance to our message and our audience. 

Stage Craft

Stage craft all about how do we command the room. This includes:

  • Non-Verbal Communication

  • Stance

  • Tonality

  • Facial expression

  • Movement 

So how do we stand? Do we stand in certainty or are we moving around all the time? What's our tonality like? Are we keeping the energy up or getting the energy down? What are our facial expressions doing? Are we happy, sad? Are they in alignment with what we are saying? Is our body language reflecting what is coming out of our mouth?

Stagecraft is so important. It's probably the number one thing that will make you an awesome presenter and help you shine on the day and command the stage. This takes work. And so if you're not sure that you're great at this, go and find an expert that will help you nail your stagecraft.

Sell From Stage

Pitch the next step

Throughout your presentation you've got just one thing that you’re selling to your audience, you're selling them the next step they need to take with you. This could be to simply come along to your next event, sign up fro a free strategy call, connect via social media or this could be your core product, big-ticket item. What ever that is, you only pitch that one thing

Seed other options

And then the other thing that we can do is seed other opportunities. We do this by talking about our other services or products in our stories, things we've done with other clients and really seed the options of what your service is or product can offer. This way, the people who think, “this is for me”, can come to you and talk to you about the opportunity at the end of the event.


Team is the next point that I'd like to discuss.

Get some great volunteers. Find an event manager. If you've got a big event, really think about who's going to be in the room to support you so that you can appear to be the industry influencer that you are. You are the authority and you've got team behind you who are there to serve your audience and help you to help your audience be really engaged and effective. So think about who that team is, engage some volunteers or get an event manager on board.  


What is the printed material that you will have at your event?

  • Worksheets

  • Booklets

  • Feedback forms (great for collecting testimonials)

  • Registration forms

  • Flyers

  • Banner

So, mastering presentation for your business growth is about how to “SHINE” on stage. Looking at your content, your visual representation, your stagecraft, how do we sell from stage? What does our team look like, and what does our collateral look like? Getting this right will position you as the Industry Leader you truly are.