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The no.1 tip to Master Events For Your Business Growth

The no.1 tip to Master Events For Your Business Growth.png

Do you want to know how to roll out a successful event? 

When I talk about implementing an Event Marketing Strategy rolled out ONE SUCCESSFUL EVENT at a time I don’t just say it. I provide a “How To...”

How To Master Events For Your Business Growth! 

The proven formula for each event is a SIX step process.  

Today we delve into step 5: Follow Up

The most important part of rolling out one successful event at a time is the Follow Up.

You see what happens as we’re implementing the six steps; Clarity, Planning, Promoting and Presenting the buck stops at the presentation. Why? Because we are tired because we feel like we've done a lot of work, we've have given a lot of energy, we've shared all this information and now we feel like we are done. But if we don't follow up, we are leaving 80% of our business in the room. Yes, 80% of business in the room.

3 Segments of FOLLOW UP

So, whom do we follow up with? We follow up with everybody.

Segment 1: People who came to the event

  • Thank them

  • Follow up with your next steps

  • Add them to your database

First of all, we follow up with the people who came along to the event. We do that by calling, texting and sending an email. The purpose is to thank them for coming along to our event and to talk to them about what is the next step. Remind them what we pitched to them at our event and make it really easy for them to take up the offer.  Then we add them to our database, they are hot, ongoing leads. 

Segment 2: People who didn’t come to the event

  • Tell them you missed them

  • Invite them to the next event

  • Add them to your database

Next, we will follow up with the people who did not come along to our event. Let them know that we missed them and that we noticed that they weren't there. Make sure they realise that we care whether they are there or whether they not and let them know that we've missed them.

Then let them know when the next event is on. Ask them to come along. Find out what prevented them from coming along this time. Let them know what they missed out on and bring them along to our next event. Then add them to your database. 

Segment 3: All your marketing

  • Social Proof

  • FOMO

  • Wins

The final area we need to Follow Up in is all of our marketing materials. This is where we showcase our past events as social proof. By using photos, videos and testimonials from our event we showcase what we've achieved at the event. Then, we use our social proof to create FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out. We want to showcase in all our marketing how well our last event went. We do this so that the next time we put our event on, the people who registered but did not come, and the ones who did not even register, get FOMO and want to come along. And finally, follow up by showcasing our wins and our client wins. By using case studies we show and tell people what's happened since our last event. What wins our business and our clients have experienced. 


Don't shy away from using the telephone: call, text, and email 

Follow up is all in there. Communication and great communication happens over the telephone. So follow up by calls, texts, and emails. Follow up with the people who came along. Follow up with people who did not come along and follow up in all of your marketing.

Follow Up is the 5th step in the proven formula on how to roll out one a successful event at a time.

So step one is Clarity. Step two is Plan. Step three is Promote. Step four is Present (or as I call it, just Shine). And step five is all about the Follow Up. And the Follow Up, as I said, is the most important.

Please share this blog with anybody you believe that might find it valuable and as always it is a pleasure to share, Eventologist journey and master events for our business grow. Have an awesome time wherever you are!