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6 Steps To Gain Clarity For Successful Events

When we talk about Eventologists, we talk about visionary leaders who master events for their business growth. And in order to master events, we need to be able to roll out one successful event at a time and rolling out one successful event at a time is a formula.

The first part of the formula is Clarity. Gaining clarity around our event is imperative. So, what does clarity look like?

1. Identify what is the purpose of this event FOR MY BUSINESS

First and foremost, we have to understand what is the purpose of this event for me in my business. This is a question I always ask my clients and 99% of the time when I ask this; what is the purpose of this event for you in your business?

 The answer I get is the outcome for the participants. What the audience is going to get out of the event. Although that's important, if we don't know what is the purpose of this event for us in our business, there is no point in doing this event. To master events for business growth, the events must have a purpose for us in our business.

The purpose can brand awareness or customer retention or it could be marketing and positioning ourselves as an industry influencer and a leader. We may be seeking to educate and retain our current customers or building a database of new ones. Really understanding the purpose of this event for us in our business is the very first thing we must gain clarity around. 

2. Define who is my audience

 Once we have defined the purpose of this event for us in our business we know who this event is for.

Who are our audience?

  • Are they our ideal clients?

  • Are they our current customers?

  • Are they our future customers?

  • Are they prospects?

 Identifying this enables us to market our event to the right audience, create the best content for that audience and provide the best ongoing solutions.

 3. Ask them what they are looking for

 Once we understand who the audience is, then we can ask them what they are looking for.

So what is your audience looking for? A great way to seek this information is to send out surveys, talk directly to your customers or simply post some questions in relevant Facebook groups or ask at networking events. Really understanding what do they want to know so that we can deliver a really great value event for our audience. Value, that aligns with the purpose of this event for us in our business.

4. Clarify the steps they take before the event

Now that we've understood the purpose of the event, who our audience is and what they need, we can really start to think about what are steps that our audience needs to take before they come to our event.

People don’t magically show up at our events. We must to have clarity around what are the steps our ideal audience is going to take before making the decision to come along to our events. This may be; watching us on Facebook, having a phone conversation with us, seeing our invite, checking out what else we've been doing, seeing some testimonials and getting a word of mouth referral. Understand what are the steps they're going to take before they make the decision to come to our event enables us to position our marketing in the best place to generate leads and get bums on seats.

5. Understand what value you bring to your audience

Let's talk about bringing value because at the end of the day, they've made a decision, they've taken a step, they've come to our event and we need to give them value. We must understand what it is that they need by asking them and then really delivering the right amount of value.

What I find is many people tend to suffer from TMI, Too Much Information, and we tend to give, give, give. But unfortunately people only retain about 10% of what we tell them. Start understanding what is the most valuable information that we can deliver. Don’t over share, distil the most important and most valuable information and deliver it concisely. Only when people can remember the content can they implement it. 

6. Prepare and pitch the next step after the event

Understand what is the next step and then pitch the next step to the audience. Your audience aren’t there just there for the fun of it. They're there to learn something and if you've done your due diligence, then you've understood the purpose of this event for your audience and the purpose of this event for your business. We need to pitch that purpose to our audience so that they take the next step with us in this journey. 

Once you have understood the purpose of your event for your business, gained clarity around your audience and who they are, clarity around what they're looking for, understand what are the steps they take before coming to your event, understood how to give them great value at the event and most importantly gained clarity around what to pitch as the next step post the event you are ready to master events for your business growth. 

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