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6 ways to boost your Facebook events for free


Have you been noticing that your Facebook events are just disappearing?

You pop them up and no one is really noticing or responding.

I was having a conversation with a client who is part of the, photographic society, and they're looking to run an eight-week beginner photography course. This eight-week course had really great weekly content about how to use your camera and take great pictures. Their teacher is a well-known photographer in Melbourne. To help bring people into this course, my client said: “Oh look, we've put this event up on Facebook, can you please share it with your community?” I said, “Sure”. I had a look at the Facebook event post and noticed that they don't even have a picture for their Facebook event! And I thought, wow, I'm, you guys are PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY and you don't have a picture. How ironic!

Which got me thinking around how do we help to boost our Facebook events and make sure that they are being noticed instead of going unnoticed?

Six great tips on how you can help your Facebook events be more noticeable. 

Add an event cover photo

Have a picture for your event and make sure that the picture is either reflective of the people who will be at the event or really poignant to what the event is about potentially with the heading for your event as part of your image. 

Perfect Event Description 

Make sure you write a perfect event description. If you don't know how to do this, please ask. There is a really simple formula on how to create your perfect event description. 

Share The Event

Once you've posted the event, make sure that you share the event, so what does that mean? Once your event had been posted share the event on your personal Facebook page, your business Facebook page, and share it inside Facebook groups you are part of (Just make sure that you're doing it ethically and you're doing it within the group rules)

Post In The Event Discussion 

Post in the event discussion and encourage people to start to participate in the discussion around the events. Things to post about: your speakers who are going to be speaking at the event, pictures from previous events, information about the type of content that will be shared at the event, then respond to all the comments and start to really build some traction and some content inside that Facebook event page.

Create Interest

Writing engaging posts to create interest and increase traction. Ideas for engaging posts about the event: Creating some scarcity by showing dwindling ticket numbers, Use Early Bird ticket prices, Testimonials from previous events attendees

Use Videos

Use video. Videos are absolutely a fantastic way to showcase how your events work. Videos like: Facebook live video in event talking about the event (which you can then save and share), Create some videos from previous events and post those videos into the event, Add some video testimonials from your previous attendees, or just some really great snippets or sizzle reels of the events of the past.

If you haven't yet joined our Eventologist - Build Your Business With Events Facebook group, please head on over  https://www.facebook.com/groups/eventologists/ and join us so we can share more information about how to make a difference one successful event at a time.